Wednesday, February 13, 2008

dear snow, please stop falling down upon my head.

No more trekking through frigid winds and snow banks collapsing on top of my head whilst my brittle bones crumble. has anyone else had enough? can we make it through this long winter alive even??
This week I reviewed a couple zines based on maybe many things but mainly how their covers looked.

by Liam and Scott Crockard
This pocket sized zine is a father-son collaboration. Scott(father) went to Amsterdam in 1974 when he was 21; Liam (son) being the same age now, lives vicariously through his father's experiences with beautiful full colour collages made up of ticket stubs, photographs, hostel pamphlets and even bits of currency from abroad. but really, you should just look at this zine because it's totally wild.

Melissa Haney
The next zine comes all the way from Ohio. So I can say whatever I want and she probably won't find out and get upset. right? it is kind of angsty but it read easily and told a story that everyone can relate to of hunger pains and/or heartbreak. Mentions of menthol cigarettes, meeting Murphy in WalMart, eating disorders, hating winter, dreams and warnings to never date an actor. My favourite is the poem All In The Season, and under the heading Summertime:
"Ronnie took me the first beach trip I ever enjoyed. I wore a green two-piece bathing suit and fell asleep in his arms on the sand. Two summers before that I threw up everything I ate and cut my arms systematically."

There is no author's name on this zine but I know it's done by a student at OCAD named KARLA. I don't know her last name or anything but maybe this adds to the mystery. The cover is gold foil stamped with the words "almost ainu." Ainu are apparently an ethnic group indigenous to Hokkaidō, the Kuril Islands, and much of Sakhalin. (??) I don't know how this relates to the drawings but there is no other text or explanation. The zine is made up of intricately drawn women connected to bikes and gears and hammers and sometimes feathers and patterns. I think it might be my most favourite zine in the library. NO LIES. it can be your favourite too, I don't mind.


serah-marie said...

Are you accepting zine donations? If so, how do I donate my zine to your library?

peppermint horses said...

yes! always accepting. you can drop it off in the OCAD library, which is located at 113 McCaul Street, 2nd Level (room 1215. you walk through a food court and then up a flight of stairs and it is just to the right) At the resource desk there is a box labelled ZINE SUBMISSIONS. thanks! or you can send it to the library in the mail at OCAD Zine Library Collective c/o Dorothy H. Hoover Library, 100 McCaul St., Toronto, ON., M5T 1W1, CANADA

Mark Laliberte said...

Hi: the maker of this zine is Karla Hewitt-Blackie; the book was created for the 'Publications: Print" course I teach at OCAD. nice work!