Monday, March 10, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


and failing
and looking at things
and looking at the sky
and then looking at the ground

So last week my friend showed me maybe the best zine I have ever seen, after reading it I realized that I agreed with everything written in it and it reminded me that life is actually great and not a desolate black abyss of doom. I mean nothingness is great and I can appreciate it for all its worth and stare at a piece of cobweb moving back and forth on my ceiling for a really long time but every once in a while you need to get yourself together and this a good zine to read to do this. It is called OUR AWESOME UNIVERSE. but it's not in the zine library. If you want to look at it you will have to comment to say you are actually reading this blog and ask to borrow it. instead I am going to show pictures of a zine that is actually in the library that is ALSO really great and by the same girl, Jessalyn Aaland, it is called Forest & Forest Life, (information you need to know about forests and other things) She has really funny drawings and good stories and really important information about forests, like "if i lived in a forest, i would make a bed out of soft quiet moss which would feel like gentle feathers when i went to sleep. my bed would have to be in a thick grove of ferns where sweet squirrels and deer would come kiss my tender cheeks each night" COME ON! could information get any better/cuter??

"FEELINGS" is by Neelam Kler. this zine makes me think about being at your best friend's house and taking a nap because you don't actually have to talk to them all the time when you are hanging out, like you can try on their clothes or watch blind date seriously and eat all their leftovers even though it's not your house. I feel like all the drawings and words are familiar and I can relate or something because I too have feelings. The cover has a breadtie on the front (!!) which is so great because I love breadties but the picture I had of it didn't work out.

in case you cannot read the tiny text it says
Google image searched myself
all these bitches are ugly
get more famous please
A MIRROR INSIDE A HAT by Errol and Nik

Okay so this was given to me by an old friend who I knew in first year but he got wise and dropped out of OCAD because it is a waste of time. just kidding thanks for paying me for this job guys!!! so this is a collaboration between two friends I assume, although maybe they are sworn enemies I guess that also happens, they have the best drawings of people and contraptions and hamburger mouths and tit necks. I know that maybe it seems like the only zines I want to show are ones of really great drawings but aren't those everyone's favourites anyways?? Does anyone care about political zines or zines about teenage heartbreak? SORRY GUYS, BUT GET REAL