Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New to the Zine Collection

Over at the OCAD Zine Library's Facebook page, in honour of International Zine Month, we've been profiling IZM activities and newly catalogued zines. Here's a selection of zines we've catalogued this month.

Colour Coded: queer abstraction meets fruity frosting — a zine/exhibition guide that combines abstract artwork with queer theory by Jamie Q and Ian Phillips.

Errol Dynamic — a comic about the redemption of a down-and-out galactic hero by Cory McCallum and Matthew Daley.

How To Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat — a zine that lists the tools (including sheet music) for recreating the popular keyboard cat videos by Kristin Cheung.

Asexual Feminism — a series of collaborative zines that explore the connections between asexuality and feminism, edited and compiled by Mage.

Late Bloomers — a series of screenprinted illustrations of Victorian-era children, many of whom are doubled or twin-like, by Sasha Foster.

Stop by during International Zine Month to read these and any of the other 2,000-plus items in our collection.