Monday, October 27, 2008


OK, so yesterday I went to Canzine, it was incredibly hot and jammed and sweaty and the table we were sitting at kept getting pushed into us but it was still great. People were so incredibly generous and wonderful about donating their zines to the library and GUESS WHAT we've got lots of new zines so go look. Here are some bad photos I took of some nice people.

Monday, October 20, 2008

ye serpents

are you looking to find a single droplet of water for your thirsty, dry tongue?
have you been stranded in the desert for god knows how long, only to find mirage after shimmering mirage?
can you feel the itch and burn of dirty, hot clothes that have not been washed in weeks, and the unravellings of the fibre of your very soul??
because if you do, I really can't help you, sorry,

I do have some zines for you to cast your bloodshot gaze upon o weary peasants:

This is Jeff Garcia's untitled zine, the cover is an old book's page with a screenprint on top. INSIDE feast your eyes upon a marvel of collage and drawings and also a little text. There's even a double sided colour photocopy insert full of flesh toned hues (probably a cannibal). This is a really beautiful zine, which is a total treat for they insides of your eyelids as you are probably accustomed to typewriter text and shitty black and white photocopies, right?

Your Wish is my Demand is by Philip Nynkowski, a friend that moved to Warsaw not too long ago. I'm totally going to sound like a fan here, but there are always a million drawings inside and at first look they can look like scribbles but when you look a tiny bit closer you realize they are the best drawings you've seen in a long time, probably. This one is about S&M mainly and also there's an entire page of tits, and I know you want to look upon such sins.

THIS ZINE is a collaborative zine made by Michael Deforge, Jesjit Gill, Jon Mccurly, Stephanie Hardman, Laura Mccoy and Pierre Richardson, called RAW DRAW. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY DID. They had a drawing party and drew all kinds of funny things and then screenprinted it. The cover is by Zeloot a really amazing Netherlands based artist. My favourite part is the speech bubble that says WALKING INTO THE GREAT ABYSS. which is what we do every single day of our lives. life is a joke.