Sunday, May 1, 2011

~~~~ PRISM index ~~~~

The next issue of PRISM index, a handmade, mixed-media art book, through a website called kickstarter is in need of funding!! Nifty rewards are offered to funders, like PRISM index #2, original art from the compilation, metal plates from printing, etc. and if people want to help fund the project they pick a reward, or can opt to pick none. The project features 60 artists including Chris Johanson, Su Friedrich, Jo Jackson, Mel Kadel, Aimee Bender, Matt Furie, Phosphorescent, Guitar Slim, and many more. The first issue features Bill Plympton, Luke Ramsey, Michael Hurley, Lisa Hanawalt, Diane Cluck, Theo Ellsworth, Jeffrey Brown, and many more.

$7,200 is needed by June 10. You can see more information about it here, including a trailer for PRISM index:

The whole book is completed, compiled, edited, and ready for publication. It features 60 artists in film, writing, poetry, music, art, and comics. The compilation includes an 88 page book printed offset, a 95 minute DVD of award-winning short films, an 80 minute CD of unreleased and rare music, and a mini-comic, all in a handmade, silkscreened cover.

SOUNDS AWESOMEEE - - see if you can help this guy out. His name is Jeffrey Bowers.

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