Tuesday, November 16, 2010

W O W !

I went to EXPOZINE! In Montreal. November 13th & 14th just this past weekend.
It was so lovely and wonderful.
I met a ton of people and got beautiful donations to the zine library. I gave out bookmarks and people liked them.
Look -- it's me! Shopping for zines

My favourite person I met had the most hilarious adorable zines with names such as 'Butts Over Butt' - a zine about food that looks like what else> Butts. And 'Dogs Kissing Things' and...Her name was Christine Hale and this is her website:

How did I manage to choose a favourite????? So many cool folks
Here are more of them:
I sat beside Sarah from this shop.
seripop (obvs)
Hey, you know....why don't you just look at the complete listing!

so much more official...........


Christine Hale said...
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Anonymous said...

hi there!

my name is stacy, i'm from calgary alberta, canada, and i've recently written my first zine called "herbal healing for tattoos and piercings: organic aftercare for everyone".

the title is pretty self explanitory. its a thorough body art aftercare zine that includes vegan and non vegan recipes on how to properly care for and heal your new piercings and tattoos.
the zine is 37 pages and includes information such as how the skin heals, herbs to use, ingredients to avoid in aftercare, recipes on making your own aftercare products, and organic jewelry.

please let me know if this interests you at all and i will gladly send you a copy.
also, if you have any extra copies of any other zines, i would very much appreciate them for my own personal collection. if not, thats ok too. :)
hope to hear from you soon.

you can get ahold of me at weedsmith(at)live.com