Wednesday, October 13, 2010

let's seek inspiration...

from Floating World Comics in Portland

It was the end of summer and I went to Portland Oregon for the first time. I was overwhelmed and inspired by the amount of people interested in independent publishing and providing the means for others to create with places like the iprc.
After attending the Portland Zine Symposium, we explored the many bookstores -- Reading Frenzy, Pony Club, Tender Loving Empire -- which combined art, literature, zines, crafts and general dazzle into stores that screamed of creativity.
We stopped by Floating World Comics on a Sunday night, and met Jason, the owner of the store, who was all too eager to allow myself and my friend to consign our books. What a lovely atmosphere, and a friendly guy. The store was filled to the brim with comics from around the world as well as local zines and art books. In back, a little gallery space showcased designer toys and contemporary & adorable artworks.
I'd love to create a store so welcoming. Not to mention inspiring and full of life. Events take place weekly and it seems the place is pulling more people in with ease. Once the website fully up-n-running, all will be PERFECT!

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